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Stranglers sound with a sansamp?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by TracyPew, Mar 3, 2005.

  1. TracyPew


    Feb 21, 2005
    I've just bought a Sansamp bassdriver, and I'm trying to get the very low growly sound that The Stranglers and The Birthday Party got. Although I've been playing for several years, I'm a total newbie at EQ things.

    Can anyone suggest good settings on the Sansamp to get that sort of sound? At the moment, I'm playing an Epiphone Eb3.

  2. I set mine as follows, but firstly you need to set your amp to have good low bass with high mids boosted, i boost the 1.6khz range to make the growl stand out.

    My SABDDI settings are like this:

    LEVEL: as required

    Blend: 12 o clock

    Treble: 11 o clock

    Bass: 12 o clock

    Drive: 12 o clock

    Presence: 10 o clock

    This works well for me using Stingray bass and Ashdown amp with Ampeg speakers, played fingers using Nickel strings

    Tip: i found that you can get a totally different set of sounds from the SABDDI depending how you set the blend knob.

    As i use mine to add to my sound at times and not "be" my sound at all times i like to keep the blend at 12 oclock so my good amp tone keeps intact and the Sabddi just makes it a bit more meaty and nasty.

    Tip 2: the controls on the Sabddi are very sensitive so adjust by tiny amounts only, also they have an affect over each other, so take the bass down and the mids come back, boost the bass and the mids sound scooped.

    Hope this helps