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  1. Joronamo


    Dec 12, 2009
    I am having trouble finding the right strap height. I need the bass fairly high if I want to slap but I like playing it otherwise rather low. Wearing it high like a bib is much more easier to play and comfortable but looks daggy and I feel restricted and wearing low like a belt makes it harder to play certain positions/techniques but looks a bit cooler and is easier to loosen up and rock out. I thought about buying seperate straps for slapping but it is annoying to change straps in between songs and would be impossible mid-song. Anyone else have a similar problems? Any suggestions appreciated Thanks.
  2. The way I've always set my strap is to sit down with the bass to play. Set your strap height according to what it takes to keep the bass stable while sitting. Then stand up and it should be about right.

    If you need to get a better left hand reach, just shift the neck up a little. Reposition the bass, not the strap.
  3. Coop Soup

    Coop Soup

    Aug 24, 2005
    My bass height seems to go up a bit every year. I used to sling it low, but apparently my bass height is like old man pant height now.
  4. Installing strap locs on your bass and on two straps makes changing fast and simple.
  5. RH434


    Aug 25, 2008
    Boiling Springs, PA
    ^ +1 to straplocks. I have them on all my basses now and can afford to buy less number of better straps and swap them around quickly.

    I have all my basses (except acoustic because it is such a beast) hung so that sitting or standing is in the same position. Some bassists like to play with their bass at their knees but I find it is not as efficient and probably would give more fatigue after playing for a few hours. Of course, everyone has their opinion of what they like, and there's some famous bassists that like it that way. I'll take better positioning over coolness any day.

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