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  1. I've read on this board that the screws that come with Schaller straplocks are too small for the holes on Fender basses. I was wondering if it's possible to use the stock screws that came with my bass to secure the straplocks to the bass.
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    Sep 4, 2000
    Probably not. The screws that work with the straplock buttons on both Schaller and Dunlops have smaller-than-normal heads so that they fit down inside the buttons.

    It's not a big deal that the holes might be a bit bigger....just get some Elmer's Glue and carefully fill the hole about halfway with glue. Then stick in some toothpicks or kitchen matches (as many as you can tightly fit) into the hole, and trim off any wood flush with the top of the hole...also be sure to wipe off any glue that was squeezed out. Let this dry for a couple of hours and you can use any screw you want. It effectively reduces the hole and give the screw something to bite into.
  3. better yet.. squeeze the screw in while the glue is still wet.. locks the screw in even tighter..
  4. Fender must have changed screw size lately! I've got an 80's Precision Special and the Schaller starplocks fit fine. I used the screws from the Schaller kit and they are perfect.

    I have noticed that LTD use bigger screws - I'm going to have to do the glue and toothpicks trick on that guitar!
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