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  1. Being that I've played bass for many years I feel kind of silly asking this, but could someone tell me how to use straplocks? I've never owned a pair until I bought my Fender Jazz a few weeks ago, and I'm not quite sure how to use it correctly. Thanks.
  2. more convenience thing realy. They come in two parts , one screws into the bass right where the stock strap button is and the other attatches to the strap. The ones I have release by pushing in a button more or less like U would do with a socket wrench, but I have also seen "Pull" types with more or less the same mechenism. I prefer the push type as I feel the pull ones could come off if you yanked it with the cord funny, probably not but I am paraniod about dropping My bass.
  3. if your fender jazz is mia, then the buttons that came on the bass are the ones you need. simply put the locks on the strap, in the right direction and install the locking nut, tighten securely.
  4. Ahoy Capt. Jack!

    Strap lok .com shows a manual type illustration and written directions. It's easy. Don't feel silly, 'cause until just this week...I did too!

    It's the spelling that probably kept you from finding the site(??) They're great! Jim T.
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