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Strat and Tele (g****r) bodied bass necks

Discussion in 'Luthier's Corner' started by TheSuzie, Feb 23, 2006.

  1. Hi,

    I'll try to keep this fairly brief. I was perusing the Landing bass website when I came across this page - http://www.landingbass.com/L300.html

    Suddenly a light went off in my head as I realized that I had several potentially gorgeous roughed out strat and tele bodies that have been aging in my storage room - long story how I got them. One may have been routed for a vintage trem but I know for sure that I have at least a couple that were intended to be used as hard tails. I know that the neck routs were undersized - fine as I planned to fit the necks by hand.

    Cut to the chase - I don't have the skill level, nor do I currently have the time to take up neck making. I would like to try to build up a bass with one or more of these bodies but I need to find the right neck(s) (and not break the bank) - which may or may not be a bolt on - which could be any scale length 30" to 34" that would work (I do tend to prefer longer) - I may consider doing a partial or full neck through but I'm not sure.

    Anyway, I have been reading a lot of the posts on this forum and am awed at the huge amount of experience floating around here. So, please let me know if this idea is crazy and if not, where I might look for the sort of neck I need and any other suggestions for building/assembling this sort of bass.

  2. you might need to make have a custom neck made, because afaik, they don't make 34"scale guitar necks...however, you could get a baritone neck and make a fender bass VI type instrument.
    i know that USA custom guitars makes a bass VI neck, but the neck pocket might have to be modified a little...
    btw, you should send me one of those bodies...:)
  3. Hi superbassman2000 - should i call you super ;)

    I was afraid of that. I would possibly be willing to go with a 30" scale since I do own and sometimes play one short scale instrument. I find that the short scale requires a bit more concentration and accuracy - just not as used to it. Anything less than 30" does not seem worth it to me - may as well just put 3 strings on any ole g****r and tune it as a piccolo bass.

    Sorry, but I can't even get to the bodies for at least a few weeks never mind think of parting with them. Last time I checked them (6-9 months ago) with a tuning fork, several were starting to come alive, very lively and resonant. One that looks to be heavy ash was still a bit dull sounding but it also appeared to be the greenest piece of wood in the lot, so I hope to see a lot of positive change.

    Anyone else have any suggestions?