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Stressful gig turns into great gig!

Discussion in 'Bass Humor & Gig Stories [BG]' started by Dkerwood, Apr 29, 2006.

  1. Dkerwood


    Aug 5, 2005
    So this is a long story, but I'll try to cut it down as much as I can.

    In early March, I was trying to round out our spring schedule. I contacted this local band with a great following (we'll call them BL) about opening for them. I saw they were playing a church that I was sort of familiar with and suggested that we could open for them there. They gave our info to the church, and the church quickly contacted me.

    Of course, this is the first time that this church has ever done something like this, and they're overplanning (IMHO). They wanted to have a meeting with the leaders of the two bands and with the leader of their praise team (they were opening the show) to discuss technical needs and all that jazz. We checked out their PA - about 300W into 2 12" Peavey mains. BL was totally ok with that. I suggested that maybe a little more oomph would be necessary to get the rock show feel that the church was wanting. After trying to get us to bring our PA, BL finally agreed to bring their powered 3 way Mackie speakers for the PA (after all, they were the ones getting paid for the show, albeit very little... we weren't getting paid anything). Also, they were doing a midnight show at another church the same night, so they'd have their PA with them anyway.

    We also agreed to have a tech rehearsal the night before just so that the sound man could have a chance to work with each band without the hectic nature of the show. BL agreed to do it; I thought it was a little overkill, but was glad to take some stress off of the evening.

    Here's where things get a little hairy. AK backs out of the tech rehearsal, saying that they weren't getting paid enough to justify asking off of work. Understandable, but follow through on your commitments. They are talked into dropping off their PA on Thursday, and we and the praise team use it for the Thursday night rehearsal. We brought lights and fog and a few goodies for turning it into a "real" rock show.

    So now it's Friday afternoon, and I get a call from the youth minister, who's spearheading this whole thing. Originally, the plan was that since BL was only playing about 5 songs, we were gonna do the same - you know, as to not step on toes. Well, we had submitted about 9 or 10 songs with lyrics when we first set this up and just said that we'd pick five when we got closer. She tells me now that she wouldn't mind if we played them all.

    So the praise team comes up and plays about 40 minutes worth of music. Then we get up. We rock so hard! We jam through 9 songs in about 50 minutes, despite my bassist's slight injury (she had jumped off the stage and then banged her knee jumping back up).

    The best part - since we had been there the last night, my sister had made friends with a few of the people at the church, and they decided to call for an encore. :D We knew that it was likely to happen because they said they would do it... and so we played a song that was requested the night before - which was about 6 minutes long. I loved it. BL was ready to jump on stage, and here we were, playing an encore.

    So we finally get done and get off stage, and MOST OF THE CROWD LEAVES!! :eek: We got to play for about 40 kids up front and about 50 adults sitting toward the back. BL is playing for about 15 kids up front and a handful of adults scattered throughout the church, mainly cleaning up.

    So they play their 5 songs in front of a bunch of kids who are already exhausted from dancing for us :)D) and go home.

    We made record breaking sales in merch (we totally sold out of hats and sold more t-shirts than we ever have). Plus, the church is now trying to come up with a way to pay us. Also, we got another gig out of it.

    Hopefully we didn't step on BL's toes too much. I really like most of the guys in their band... lol... and I do enjoy their music. I was just glad that we were able to come out the winner on the evening due to professional attitudes and honoring our commitments.

    Sorry for the long rant. I'm just excited. :D Check out our band at www.leavethursday.com.
  2. Cool story Dkerwood... also liking I'm Gone!

    Yeah, I've had a stressful gig that turned into a great gig.

    We had a gig at the Bull and Gate up in North London, UK, but we all come from South London. This meant we knew we weren't going to bring many people (very bad for rebooking).

    So I get there at the venue early. We're bring the drum kit to share with the bands, but they're 30 mintues late. The sound guy (who's also the promotor and clearly been partying late the night before) throw a hissy fit when my band arrives. Understandable I know... but then he proceeded to make nasty comments.

    Like, me and the guitarist plug direct into the PA, using Line 6 Pods (a lot easier than carrying amps!). He then says "YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE AMPS!" and then laughs.

    Since he's both the sound guy and the promotor, I thought chances of being rebooked didn't not bode well. I told our guitarist, this is going to be a terrible gig.

    Anyways, we proceed to our set. We bring in 4 people (terrible I know, we usually do much better), so I know the promotor won't be too happy. We started to play in front of a crowd of about 10. I thought "God help us".

    We start with a blues shuffle. People not only come in the venue from the outside bar and stay (which did not happen to the other bands), people started dancing!

    By the end of the set, we had a crowd of 40 in front of us, all cheering. We sold a good number of CD's too.

    The soundguy/promotor, though being a utter dick, actually was a very good sound engineer, one of the best we've worked with. Also the sound system and monitoring was very good.

    When we were packing up, the soundguy said afterwards, "Yeah, next time.. don't be late". Which was cool considering I didn't believe there would be ever a next time!

    Yeah... my band is www.jamiewest.net if you're interested.

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