string choice...Please give your opinions!

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    I need to buy some new strings! The G broke and i jimmied it with an old guitar string (of course, it keeps going out of tune :rolleyes: ).

    Additionally, the A string is having problems on the 6th thru 12th fret. It could be the neck, but most probably the string.

    The strings i currently have are the D'addirio (sp?) "Chromes". I love the way they feel and i would like to get as close as possible to that smoothness. No roundwounds for me thanks!

    Some posts say that the Chromes strings run at a higher tension so i would like to try a different brand. Additionally, the chromes cost me $50 canadian with tax and i would love it if my next set were cheaper than that but still good quality.

    I would like to get a heavier gage G string too.

    So here are my string desires:

    1. They feel like chromes
    2. they are low tension (easy of playing right? BTW i dont slap)
    3. long lasting
    4. lower price (my least concern but still dont want to pay an arm and a leg).
    5. I can get them in my local music shop. I dont want to have to mail order if at all possible.
    6. Flatwounds only

    So knowing those variables which brand of string should i get?

    Please give your opinions!
  2. TI Jazz Flats are low tension, bright sounding flats that apparently just sound better with time.
  3. nailed it in one.

    IMO, of course. ;)
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    +1 :hyper:
  5. If I remember correctly, the Chromes really were not appreciably higher in tension. Gauge affects tension far more.

    I like the Chromes and have them on my 5 string. For my two 4-stringers (P-bass and Yamahammy) I've got Labella Deep Talkers. Great strings, perhaps even better than the Chromes, bought my most recent set at Sam Ash for twenty something bucks American.