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  1. First and foremost, this is my first new thread.

    As the topic title suggests, I have some questions about string gauges. First, what's the "standard" string gauges, B-G? When I go to buy strings, I notice that some strings are different than others (obviously) and I'm not sure which ones are standard and which ones are heavier or lighter.

    Second, what do heavier and lighter gauge strings offer? I would assume that heavier gauge strings offer more body and perhaps "umph", whereas lighter gauge strings are clearer and have a bit more punch. Am I correct in thinking this? Also, lighter gauge strings would be easier to play than heavier gauge strings, right?

    Finally, what string gauges (heavy, standard, or light, or even numbers if you want to be specific) would you suggest for a bassist playing in a 3 piece (technically 4 with the vocalist, but he doesn't play an instrument) rock band, who's looking to create a Noel Redding/John Entwistle sound? I'm hoping to achieve a nice warm, round tone, but with some punch as well.

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    I'd go with DR Hi Beams or Sadowsky Blue Label Steel


    The fatter tone you want, play towards the neck and the brighter tone towards the bridge.
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    The typical 45 combo is what have become my favorite what you're looking for. And to further enhance that sound/tone, I lower the pick-up(s) at a fairly large slant with the 4th string being almost flat with the body and start easing it up from there ending up almost hitting the pick-up at you' looking for. :cool: