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String ID help?

Discussion in 'Strings [DB]' started by GrooveMonkey, Sep 24, 2005.

  1. I just picked up a cheap Cremona SB2 "yeah, I know..." and the srtings have a red silk wrap on the bottom and multi-color upper wraps. Like the D'addario Slowwound electric strings. Anyone know what they might be?

    I'm really diggin' the upright! Don't spoil my illusion, I know I bought a crummy Chinese bass and it's good enough for my purposes so far.

    So far... ;)
  2. Did you try the Quinn Violin string ID applet?
    You need to know the exact colors at the peg end too.

    (my guess is that they're Super-Sensitive Red Labels; a cheap steel string with a solid core, very rigid)

  3. Thanks Francois! I'll check that link.

    What string would you reccomend for an electric bassist that's just learning to play URB for jazz, country, and rock?
  4. That's not an easy question!
    Did you browse this forum's previous posts?
    There are several factors involved:
    - pizz only or mixed pizz and arco?
    - want a traditional thumpy tone; dark and no sustain?
    - want a modern tone with brightness and sustain?
    - what don't you like about the strings you have now?
    Since you're new to upright, what about giving yourself a few months to familiarize with the instrument and have a better idea before changing anything?
    (of course if the instrument has a bad setup it may be a good idea to give it a good setup with a qualified luthier...)

  5. Thanks again,

    I'm a huge fan of Charles Mingus and Christian McBride. I play in two rock/folk trios and am looking for a middle ground. I don't like the high tension of the strings that came with my new bass. I've used Thomastik Jazz Flats on my electrics but don't like how floppy they feel. I've since switched to D'Addario Chromes and really like them. I'm tempted to try the D'Addario URB strings since I like their electric strings. Plus McBride plays D'Addarios and I dig his tone.

    On my cheap Chinese Bass (that needs a setup) I doubt they'll sound as good...

    I'm having a blast even with the poor setup :D
  6. D'Addario Helicores are available in Orchestral, Hybrid and Pizzicato series. Each of them in three gauges, and the Orchestral series in solo-tuning I think.
    McBride uses the Light gauge Hybrids, and John Pattitucci the Hybrid heavies.
    Some players prefer the Orchestrals for a darker, thumpier tone.

    Mingus played on gut strings for the most part of his career.
    When he got sick he switched to steel strings and put a pickup on his bass, but prefer his guts era.