String Inventory Liquidation

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  1. As the owner of the, I am offering whatever string inventory I have left. I'm selling them at my cost or less. I have been liquidating my stock for a
    couple of months now, and just took the website offline at the beginning of the month, but I still have a good supply of strings left to sell.
    Since the website is offline and I can't accept credit cards anymore, orders have to be taken over email, and you'll have to mail me a check money order. Strings will be shipped after the CK/MO is received. I will certainly give you a good enough deal to make it worth the hassle. Email
    me at for a list of what I have left in stock, and prices. If I have the strings you need, you'll get a great deal.

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  2. Several people have taken advantage of the liquidation sale already. Jump on the bandwagon! When you email me for a list of strings, please specify bass strings, as I have similar posts about the liquidation sale on other - guitar specific websites. Unless, of course you want to see a list of guitar strings. I'm selling those at very low prices as well!

  3. GHS Bass Boomer Sale

    The below list is what GHS Boomers I have left in stock for liquidation.

    All 4 string sets $10.00 ea. TEN BUCKS!

    LONG SCALE PLUS (34",35",36")
    GHSXL3045X 30-90 1 set left
    GHSL3045X 40-95 2 sets left
    GHSML3045X 45-100 2 sets left
    GHSM3045X 45-105 3 sets left

    GHSL3045 40-95 5 sets left
    GHSM3045 45-105 19 sets left
    GHSH3045 50-115 4 sets left

    MEDIUM SCALE (32",33")
    GHS3140 45-100 3 sets left
    GHS3040 45-105 2 sets left

    SHORT SCALE (30",31")
    GHS3135 45-95 3 sets left
    GHS3035 50-107 1 set left

    GHS5ML-DYB 45-65-80-100-126 $13.75 4 sets left
    GHS5M-DYB 45-65-85-105-130 $13.75 3 sets left

    GHS6ML-DYB 30-45-65-80-100-126 $15.50 2 sets left

    Add $3.20 per order for shipping and handling
    Discounts on multiple set orders.
    Until I get Paypal straightened out, orders will have to be made by sending me a check or Money Order (Preferred). Strings will be shipped when CK/MO is received. Email me more more info on ordering.
    I have other brands of bass and guitar strings available at equally discounted prices. Email me for a list of strings available.