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    I play a Jay Turser JTB-134 short-scale hollowbody with a "trapeze" style tailpiece like the one below. I tried short scale Rotosound tapewound strings but they were a bit too short and the flexible wrapped part of the string sat in the nut. It may be unrelated but I experienced intonation problems (wavering pitches on sustained notes, for example) and some notes with no bottom on the E string while I used these. I changed to medium scale La Bella flats but they're too long and a bit of the string gets wrapped around the post. I read that this leaves the string prone to breakage.

    Which type of strings should I try next? I do not use roundwounds. Thank you for your help and advice.

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    Apr 3, 2005
    Find out the scale length of the bass first. Some basses with those trapeze type tailpieces make it imperative to use a longer scale length. For example, my Ibanez Artcore. It's supposed to be for 34" scale strings. I use only Thomastic flatwounds, but on this bass because of the tailpiece, the E string comes up a bit short and the winding comes over the nut about 3/16". The solution was to get a razor knife and peel off a bit of the silk winding. Problem solved.
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