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  1. hey
    when im playing sometimes a string or two that im not touching (intentionally at least) starts to vibrate and make a little noise
    is this bad technique or something wrong with the bass (ibanez btb 405) or sumthing else entirely
  2. Sad but true.. this is caused by bad technique :)

    If you play on a string, it vibrates ( doh :D ).. so it causes the body and in fact the entire bass to vibrate.. this vibration is picked up by other strings.. specially the B-string has this problem.
    can easely be solved by putting your thumb against the string when you use the pickups as a thumbrest :)
  3. Have my thumb on string and pickup at same time?
  4. Bruce Lindfield

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    What we're talking about here is "muting technique" - so you can do this with your thumb. I tend to leave mine trailing over the lower strings, stopping any below the ones I am playing from "ringing".

    Some people use left-hand muting and you can also mute all the strings with your palm - "palm muting". Anyway, the aim is to be in control of all the strings and only play what you intended! ;)
  5. voilla :D
  6. AllodoX, that picture absolutely rules!

    I love simple MS Paint diagrams. They always make me laugh. :p
  7. MSpaint ??

    you dare insult me ? :D

    Paint Shop pro :D
  8. fine, fine :D

    Most people that make quick diagrams use MS Paint... Nevertheless, it still made me laugh (and accurately conveyed the message I think you were trying to get across).
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    From the sound of this thread, I think it may be better served in Technique. That's where I'm moving it.
  10. thanks
    love the little diagram