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Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by ollielangfan, Jan 13, 2006.

  1. ollielangfan


    Apr 3, 2005
    Nampa, ID
    Im thinking of buying a Rogue Violin Bass. Im really interested in the shorter scale and the facted that its a Paul McCartny look alike AND its only 200 bucks (I mean come on!.) Now, from what I've read it gives off more of a deep, warm, resonant tone like a upright bass. I'm all for that, but my music style really veries. Here's were the strings come in. If I were to change the stock strings (I think there flat wounds) to my preference (Boomers) would it make a noticable difference or do the pickups got there hearts set on that certain sound? thanks for the help.
  2. You might get a little brighter "hollow" sound....

    Truthfully, i've never played one, but I'm guessing there won't be a really discernable difference in sound...after all, that is a major hollowbody, so the fact that it reallly sounds warm and a cheaper Hofner(if it does?) also means that it may not be too tonally diverse.......

    I own a Rick, and even though it isn't a one-trick pony, it still has that "Rick" sound...but you can roll off the brightness if need be...I'm not sure how much added highs roundwounds are going to give a violin bass.....

    ..I'd personally go for a Precision Bass for near the same price, as you will have a plethora of "warm" tones availiable to you, and you could always add flatwounds to it for even more woofiness..