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String Sale: Evah Orch and Solo, Oliv, Velvet; Ingles stand

Discussion in 'For Sale: Double Bass Amps, Strings, & Accessories' started by davehertzberg, Jul 20, 2012.

  1. Assorted (mostly used) strings for sale. All strings include shipping to CONUS. Bass stand is local sale only, or buyer pays shipping.

    Some of these Evah orchestra strings were part of a set, and some I just have in my drawer. I'm just not sure which ones go together, so I'm listing them individually. Also since I have multiple E's and A's, I really can't say with certainty how long each was used for.

    Evah orch E[DEL]
    #1 - $30 pretty good shape, a few months use I think[/DEL] SOLD
    #2 - same as above
    #3 - longer use, maybe a year, definite wear around the peg area, $20

    Evah orch A[DEL]
    #1 - $25 pretty good shape, a few months use I think[/DEL] SOLD
    #2 - $15 longer use, maybe a year, definite wear around the peg area

    Evah orch D and G[DEL]
    $20 each - pretty good shape, a few months use[/DEL] SOLD

    Evah solo set - $150
    F#(E) and B(A) unopened; E(D) and A(G) minimal playing time, maybe an hour at most

    [DEL]Oliv G - $35
    6 months use, some unwinding at the bridge, otherwise in decent shape[/DEL] SOLD

    [DEL]Velvet compas 180 set - $40[/DEL] SOLD
    Bought used from another TBer. These are the "old formulation" (I never got a full answer on what that means). In pretty good shape, but definitely used. Bought for $50 and used for a couple weeks, so selling for $40.

    [DEL]Ingles Bass Stand - $25 (local sale only, or buyer pays shipping)[/DEL] SOLD
    In good shape, but the foam pieces on the bottom that the bass rests on are slipping off. I used tape to make them stay in place, but it's definitely not perfect (or pretty). I think some pvc tube from the hardware store might do the trick.
  2. Evah orch #1 E/A, D and G on hold pending payment/pickup
  3. DarnellBass

    DarnellBass Supporting Member

    Nov 16, 2011
    Denver, Colorado
    pm'd on oliv
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    Some strings sold, some still available. Bass stand is now local sale only or buyer pays shipping.
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  7. Evah solo set and a couple Evah orch singles still available. All other items spoken for.
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