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  1. closer - does not inicate a good bass

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  2. farther apart - does not inicate a good bass

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  3. closer - indicates a good bass

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  4. farther apart - indicates a good bass

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  1. i just bought a washburn 5 string rb2502 its nice, has a resonable tone and a great action. But the strungs are too close together, kinda cramping things for the right hand.
    Strings closer together or farther apart?
    i know it's probebly personal prefference, but which do you prefere for speed, style and accuracy, and is this a good indicator of a good bass?
  2. Bryan R. Tyler

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    May 3, 2002
    It's certainly not an indicator of a good bass, as both narrow and wide spacing can be found on top-notch instruments. It's all personal preference, although spacings tend to narrow as more strings are added on (6, 7, etc.). I prefer somwhat narrow; narrower than your standard Fender Jazz but wide enough to slap easily.