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String Tension Question

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by zephir2004, May 14, 2004.

  1. zephir2004


    Mar 8, 2004
    What's would be the best gauge strings for tuning down to E flat and still keep the string tension reasonably tight?

    045 060 080 100
    045 065 080 100
    045 065 080 105
    046 063 080 102
    050 070 085 105
    050 070 090 110

    Or any other suggestions are welcome

  2. Frijoles Negros

    Frijoles Negros

    Mar 21, 2004
    Im not an expert, so Ill just add in an anecdote. Seems like the tension is, in a large part, from the core and not the actual thickness. For example, Ive found that the difference in tension between Foderas .45-105 and Fat Beams .45 - 105 is dramatic.

    Maybe some expert can chime in.
  3. The core has the biggest effect on the tension as far as I can tell, but I have also found that the lighter the guage, the lower the tension, within the same brand, in most cases. FWIW, when I played with a dropped D tuning, I played with a 110 or a 115 on the E, and it didn't feel floppy. I normally made up my own string sets or played the Billy Sheehan signature sets.
  4. dougray

    dougray Supporting Member

    Apr 16, 2002
    western maryland
    hi,i to want to know what others have used,i play a Lakland 55-02 5 string bass,and our band dropped tuning,half step tuning,etc., i installed a new set of ernieball hybrids with a 130 B string, it plays ok,not "floppy", but its not the same as playing at 440, i have read posts that say fodera's have good tension as well as DR lowriders, i play classic/hard rock. what string do you think i should try first the lowriders or fodera's,the guage will be 45-65-80/85-105-125/130,
    nickel roundwounds,any info,thanx. :bassist: