String tension while tuned really low

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    I've got a problem. I play a fiver and my guitarist is tuned extremely low (like standard drop D .. but it's actually B) I tune my bass so that the B is normally where the D would be (3rd fret on the B string) still with me ? If I would have known this earlier I wouldn't have changed my tuning at all. Now I have a choice .. I either have to relearn all the songs tuned standard or set up my bass so that I can get some more string tension while tuned this low.. the tension problem makes me play sloppy while doing some stuff (mostly 3 finger stuff) and I don't think it sounds all that great either.. Is there anything I can do to get some tension happening ? Because I'd rather not relearn all the songs.
  2. I would think you could install a string tree in the headstock to put some angle on the string and increase tension. Maybe has them. I did a crude version of this with nails when I was given a guitar-guitar one Christmas as my first fretted instrument.

    ....or get a 7-string?
  3. is that.. like.. drop G ? wow.. you going for the fieldy-thingy ?? :D
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    Ug ... it was an accident! hehe, I don't like fieldy ... but it does sound like that :( I asked my guitarist if we could tune up a few steps and try it out.. but he's such a nazi control freak he won't even try it.

    God forbid we get a CD out.... can't wait to be ripped apart here :D
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    Poll : Fieldy vs Loop22

    JT : Light them on fire!
  6. Ok here is a good solution... tune the string back up to B, then tune all the rest 3 semitones higher too, then you will have the string tension you want and then some... and you will just have to relearn any open strings you used to play... or I guess any notes in the first couple of frets... but the patterns will be the same for the songs as you go down the bass.
  7. 3 words : kick him out

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    in a band there is only " we "

    not : I want to do this
    but : i'd like to do this.. how about you guys ?
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    Jun 15, 2001
    ugh, just relearn the songs in standard B E A D G tuning. It wont take that long (unless youre doing some crazy Jaco stuff on there) and you will thank yourself when you are done.
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    Yeah man, do tune the normal way, and relearn. Are the songs really hard? It might be a problem at first, but as the other person said, it's the same pattern.
  10. Suburban


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    Tension is a function of frequency and gauge.
    With a certain gauge, you will loose tension when opting for a lower note.
    By going for a heavier gauge, you get lower freq at the same tension.

    I.e. you need a heavy string.
  11. JMX

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    Sep 4, 2000
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    Using the term tension for two different things is what makes this issue so confusing.

    Tension is only dependent on the pitch you tune a string to.
    Using different gauges changes the "stiffness or flexibility" of a string, which will almost feel as a change of tension.
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    Sorry JMX, but tension is dependant on both the pitch AND the mass/lentgh ratio of the string... if one has two strings of equal tension and length but different thicknesses (actually mass per length is important here), the thicker string has a lower frequency. So if you want to have a lower frequency without changing tension, get heavier strings (to a point, don't break your nut)
    But to Loop, im voting with the "relearn your songs" team. I had a similiar problem when i bought a 5 string, i used to play drop D with my 4, but relearning the songs was definately the way to go. You can walk into a guitar store and play without having to retune... plus in my opinion the tone is better when you're tuned normally... i can't stand the floppy sound of a detuned bass string....
    either way, goodluck