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    Feb 23, 2005
    :help:I have a Yamaha TRB5 (series I), which is a very solid, relatively heavy bass that seems to have a fairly high-frequency natural resonance. I think that from about low E up to about C, that the strings are not getting much help from the vibration of the guitar as a whole. At its worst, this can result in what I call a "duff" attack to finger-plucked notes and high, squirrelly overtones on thumped notes.

    In the past I have always used D'addario nickels (XLs or SlowWounds) but recently put on a set of DR steels. It surprised me how much I liked them, at least initially, because I thought the steels would be overly bright for the TRB. Instead, they seemed to bring out the fundamental and lower mids. After about 3 weeks of light play, the DRs seem like they might be getting "work hardened" a little. Especially the E string is starting to get kind of "duff" from G up to B.

    With a heavy, stiff bass like my Yammie, are low-tension strings the way to go? I wonder if low-tension strings would be more satisfied to flop around in lower order harmonics, and less likely to lose energy into the instrument. Would more flexible strings tend to complement a solid bass like the TRB?