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  1. davefarrell


    Aug 30, 2006
    is it possible to go to a music store and get my bass made into a string through body?
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    music store? most likely not

    qualified luthier? most likely so depending on the specifics of the bass and hardware

    to do this correctly, you need a bridge designed to accommodate a string-thru set-up, a drill press for accurately drilling the holes (a 4-step process in my shop), and a bass body style that is suitable for a string-thru mod (i.e. no hollow body, or cavities under the bridge)

    depending on the exact scope of the job, it should range from one - three hours of shop time for a disassemble, drill work, installation of ferrules and bridge, reassemble, and intonation/set-up.

    that's quite a load of $$$ for next to zero sonic difference ... IMO, of course

    all the best,

  3. yeah, it doesnt make enough of a difference to justify the cost, i looked into it a while ago thinking that since american basses had it, that it would be a worthwhile upgrade, but it turned out that that wasnt exactly true.

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