String tree for A string?

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  1. I have a Hondo P copy that was given to me, and I've really developed a liking for this bass; I've installed Wilde P46 PUps and made a brass nut for it as the original plastic one was worn too low in the slots.

    One issue I'm having is the open A string is dead due to not enough pull-down pressure to seat it firmly in the bottom of the nut slot. I've wound the string as low on the tuner post as possible, but it's still not quite right. If I press down lightly on the string silk at the tuner post, it sounds clear and strong. Has anyone ever had to add a string tree on the A to alleviate this issue?
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    Many have.
  3. What did they do....just install a round bass string tree on the A-string by itself?
  4. I've seen that done. You can also use one of these.
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  5. Where did you get that? I haven't seen those while perusing parts sites yet..
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  6. Just a picture I got from google. Not sure since I'm in Japan and it automatically directs me to the Japanese website, but I think you have to order it directly from Fender.
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    Found it at

    I had to get one for my A string on my American Design Experience P Bass. Had really weird overtones when the A was played open.
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