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  1. Dudes, I've got a problem...
    The last half year I've broken 3 E-strings, and that cost a darn lot of money in Norway. I usually play finger-style, and have a high action. Could any of you make a list of suggestions or just tell me the usual things to do if you are breaking to many strings? Thanks allready...
  2. First thing I would do is check wherever the strings break from (e.g. bridge or nut) for sharp pieces of metal or plastic that stick out. This could wear down a string much faster than normal and cause it to break.
  3. I've allready checked that ;) thanks, but that would have been too easy :D they break with the bridge though
  4. Minger


    Mar 15, 2004
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    It may be more subtle - try some graphite on the bridge then?
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    May 26, 2005
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    Too much hip thrust
    Ive broken 2 E strings in the last 2-3 months. Ive been using DM Blue Steel's. They break at the bridge, most likely due to some aggressive fingerstyle or popping (I play a 5 string and sometimes pop the E pretty hard for super fast low-B slapping).

    The replacement I always come back to is an old DR Lo-Rider E. That thing can withstand some aggressive playing. It's in its third life right now, and still going strong.

    What type of bass/strings are you using? On a scale of 1-10 how aggressive is your fingerstyle?
  6. I am normaly using fender superbass strings, but right now it are GHS boomers. The E-sting is a 105 gauge. On a scale from 1-10 my fingerstyle playing would be an 8 on its hardest i suppose, my physics won't do harder :D
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    Try the labella jamersons. I play a fender pbass with high action and I broke two Es from a fender set with a 105 es in a couple of months. I've have these jamerson on for about four months now, they real nice if you like that old flatwound sound and they're pretty big strings (110 - 53) with lots of tension and they work great with high action. Oh yeah I play pretty hard and jamerson used these style strings and never changed them as far as I know. Supposedly he was given a new set of strings when he left motown and that set was found in a his bass case when he died and he did plenty of playing.
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    I used to break a ton of E and A strings (even TI Jazz Flats) on my Am Std J bass. Always at the bridge. Replaced the stock saddles with Graphtec saddles, and haven't broken one since. I dunno what kind of bass/bridge you're playing, but if it's a Fender J or P, you might want to go that route.
  9. At the moment I am trying graphite on the bridge, if that doesn't help I'll have to consider another bridge.

    Always broke, you know how it is...
  10. You guys are all saying that you break strings every month, I just got my guitar set up professionally... and i already went through 2 sets in 2 weeks. I bet the third set is gunna break a d or g also. I play agressive slap, and i told the lady at the music shop that i break strings. She just told me that its probably because i buy cheap wal-mart strings or your bass is set up bad. I looked at her and said will you replace the set of strings you are trying to sell me for three times the price as wal-mart when i break them in a week. I got it set up and still can't keep strings on it for more than a week or two tops, and I don't know what to do because i just can't afford it anymore. If Anyone knows how i can keep strings on my Kingston for more than a week, id appreciate any ideas on things i haven't checked.
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    Is there the possibility that a playing technique adjustment would help solve this? We've explored the burrs/sharp edges on the bridge/nut, with no success.

    Exactly how hard are you slapping? I play slap a fair bit on my own, but haven't broken a string in ages from that. Slapping doesn't need to be forceful to sound big.

    I mean no criticism, just wanting to explore the options and consider what may not have been considered.
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    When your strings last a week ther eis somethng seriously wrong with ur technique or with ur bridge. When you get it set up again ask them if there is anything phsyicialy wrong with your bride or nut. And play softer and if you must dig in try to do it further up towards the neck. If you know any pros or semi-pros ask them if theres anything wrong with ur technique.