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Strings for Acoustic Fretless

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by ahaynes4, Oct 25, 2005.

  1. ahaynes4


    Oct 25, 2005
    Athens, GA
    I have a Micheal Kelly acousitc fretless 5 string. Its not the best made bass, but it works fine as a first fretless for experimentation. The roundwound phoshpor bronze strings that came with it were immediately tearing up the fretboard. I got some Rotosound 77 flats and they sounded a lot better, but I think those strings are made for an electric bass. Any suggestions as to which flats I can get the most volume from for an acoustic?
    And also, the B string is hardly playable at the first few positions, I was thinking of stringing it up EADGC to play more melodic lines. Has anyone tried this and where can I get a single C string? Any ideas or opinions appreciated!
  2. Hey! Welcome to the M.K. Clan...consisting of, as far as I'm aware, just me and you here on TB...

    ...anyway, I have the fretless 4 and I use Roto Tru-Bass Nylon Tapewounds. Absolutely love 'em. I can't say that I know off the top of my head if they do 5 string sets though, especially EADGC.

    What is a bonus though, is that if you're stringing EADGC, you won't need to file out the nut to fit the large gauge of the Tru-Bass strings like I did.

    Hope it helps a little bit.

  3. ahaynes4


    Oct 25, 2005
    Athens, GA
    Yeah, the Tru-bass Nylon Tapewounds are actually next on my list to try out. I played some Fender nylons on my p-bass, and it seems like they would work out great for the fretless. Thanks for the info. Oh yeah, since you have the same bass, do you get any sustain out of notes really high on the neck on the G string? Im havin trouble making those notes to ring like I want them to.
  4. if you mean really high as in the last 2 'frets', no, they don't ring out much, but I find that with any bass. It's not too bad, it works well enough for my purposes. The only thing I could think of is putting a small bit of plastic on top of the string 'saddle' to raise the action a bit on that string. If indeed it's an action problem. There's a piece on doing that in Dan Erlewine's space in BP on an acoustic. I can't find the exact issue right now, if I find it later I'll keep you posted.

    Oh, and a question for you. Did you find the nut was the most poorly made part on the whole bass? To me it seemed a bit of a shame that the rest of the instrument was put together so well, and then the nut was horrible. Then again, I attacked it with a file anyway and as it was a rather quick job I think I'll be getting a new nut anyway.