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Strings for an old fretless Ripper

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by notduane, Dec 6, 2000.

  1. notduane


    Nov 24, 2000
    I got an old (natural finish) fretless Gibson Ripper
    from Bass Northwest around Thanksgiving. I had TI Jazz
    Flats on another bass and was really happy with `em.
    So, I figured I'd get a set of X-long TI Flats AND Rounds
    to try on the Ripper (thru-body stringing). Also per the
    suggestion of Mr. Bob Gollihur. I won't name the company,
    but I thought I'd save a few bucks and "get these strings
    cheap". Ordered `em LAST week...tick-tock...tick-tock...tick-tock...:mad:

    I was also real happy with Rotosound RS88 tapewounds on
    yet another bass (Rob Allen MB2). I noticed another company
    that sells "just strings" had an X-long set of 88's.
    I rush-ordered these and some others (an option not
    available where you can "get strings cheap" - regular
    ground shipping only). The X-long 88's came today and I
    slapped `em on that Ripper.

    OH - MWAH - GO* :eek: Not to mention "Bowwwwrrrrrrr-wow-wow" :D:D .

    WHENEVER those TI Flats & Rounds get here from that "other"
    company, I'll be sure and find `em a good home.

    I'd tried a few tapewound sets on the MB2: LaBella,
    Fender, Rotosound (current). For grins, I ordered the GHS
    tapewound set from the place that "just sells strings".
    Maybe if I break all the 88's and don't have a spare set,
    but...disappointing :( . Kinda' floppy, low-tension, no punch.

    Finally, :rolleyes: a set of TI JF344 (34" Flats) to replace the
    (telephone cable) GHS 3050 Precision Flatwounds on a Jack
    Casady. Mr. Bob! You wuz right about the TI's bein' better
    than the P/F's. On the Casady they really sing, plus a
    higher output. Puts my mind at ease too what with the
    lower tension on its "set" neck. But I gotta' go with the
    X-long Roto 88's on the Ripper. It's so close! Dare I say it?...
    as close as the MB2? :) (...to an upright tone).

  2. Flatwound

    Flatwound Supporting Member

    Sep 9, 2000
    San Diego
    So you're the guy that got that Ripper! :D That looked like a nice bass. The string outfit you mentioned that sells strings "cheap" has been the subject of threads here and elsewhere, I believe. Something about inconsistent service. I have dealt with Juststrings.com, and probably will again. Their prices may be a little higher than some, but their service is good.

    I have LaBella tapewounds on my fretless, and it sure does that "mwah" thing. Haven't tried the Rotosounds.

  3. notduane


    Nov 24, 2000
    Yesireee...buddy! :D (sorry :( ). You check Bass N/W
    lately? They got a Dean Rhapsody HBF (fretless) in "New
    Standard Basses". It's amberburst. Plus, there's a Hamer
    Cruise WITH a 2Tek, albeit fretted, in the "Used" section.
    The peghead looks kinda' chewed-up.

    Boy howdy, `ya got that right :) . The selection is nutz too!
    Any goofy thing I can come up with, they seem to have in stock.
    I noticed however, that they don't have Rotosound 66s' in
    nickel. These guys do - http://www.sheetmusicplus.com .

    The MB2 I got came with the (LaBella) 760N set. It's what
    Mr. Allen recommends. I just had to mess around :D with it
    and try the Roto 88's. I think the string tension is slightly
    higher and the Rotos are heavier: 65-75-100-115 vs
    LaBella @ 60-70-94-115. I like the Rotos higher tension.
    They're less twangy. More pizz & thud (jeez, that don't read good, but it sure sounds right :p:D ).
  4. SlapDaddy


    Mar 28, 2000
    Notduane, Howdy! I've got those TI flats on my jazz fretless and they sound and feel GREAT! If anything is better I need to know.....
  5. notduane


    Nov 24, 2000
    Hey you! :) How's "The Beast with 7 strings" ? :D

    When I put TI Jazz Flats on my cheapie Yamaha, I couldn't
    believe the increase in output. How'd they do that?
    Radioactive graphite?

    I kinda' thought the "feel" might be there. I had tried
    DR Hi-Beams and Sunbeams (also with a ROUND core) when I
    was goin' for a piano tone. Yup, I'm still workin' on the tone.
    For now, I'm sold on Roto 88 tapewounds and TI Jazz Flats :D .

    Maybe when DR makes a FLAT wound nickel on a round core?... :p
  6. SlapDaddy


    Mar 28, 2000
    ND, The Beast is good! He's had alot of drool wiped off of him lately (from fellow bass buddies) I'm havin' fun with the "chord" stuff. Please keep your test results posted as you appear to look for the "perfect" string. SD
  7. notduane


    Nov 24, 2000
    I'm so glad to hear you're enjoyin' it, doin' that most
    righteous thing you do :):) .

    There's a local store (Speir's) that has a room devoted
    to high $ basses (I call it "The Good Bass Room").
    Heaven help you if you enter with an exposed belt buckle :eek: .
    Maybe you could get some lobster bibs and pass `em `round
    before you take "The Beast" outta' the gigbag? :D

    Yes sir! I sure will. Besides that Pignose B100V tube
    head I mentioned, Santa may have something else up his sleeve...
    A Dean Rhapsody HBF. Fretless, semi-acoustic, 4-string.
    Now I wonder...what kinda' strings would be good on that? :rolleyes:

    BTW...When the time comes, you can get 7-string sets from
    http://www.musiciansfriend.com or http://juststrings.com ;)
  8. SlapDaddy


    Mar 28, 2000
    (In Gomer Pyle voice) thank yee,thank yee,thank yee!!!
  9. notduane


    Nov 24, 2000
    Whoopee! :rolleyes: Those TI X-longs finally came from the
    place where I got them cheap.

    I tried the JF364 and JR364 sets on the Ripper.

    I did my best to give `em an objective listen, after the
    "epiphany" I had with those Roto 88 X-longs.
    I'm sorry Mr. Bob G. et. al., but I gotta' stick with the Rotos.

    Maybe it's age, evolving taste, etc. Back in the day,
    I went for the roundwound-stainless-crunchy-"Fistful of Metal"-type sound.
    I guess I've moved on: Manring, Mingus, Brown, etc.
    Could it be my Pops blastin' Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey,
    Artie Shaw, etc., throughout the house when I was a young `un?
    Probably. You can't escape your roots :D .

    Don't worry. I got a couple buds at work who can use the TI's ;) .
  10. notduane


    Nov 24, 2000
    Gonna' revive this old thread fer ya' Flat-man :D.

    In case you missed it, there's a real purty (sunburst) fretless Ripper on gbase.
    I haven't dealt with OR emailed the vendor to see if it's even in stock.
    What caught my eye about this li'l beauty was the fact that it's all original -
    no dumb-@$$ stickers, or pup/chainsaw mods. Overall, she looks maybe VG to VG+ .
    AND the price ! :eek: That's less than what I paid fer' mine at BNW consarnit! :mad: :p

    ( :( Bob G. ~ Now you give the man a chance ;) )

    ( http://gbase.com/guitar_picture.asp?guitar=226644 )

  11. yes i remember that bass, i fell in love with it the moment i saw it, nice to see that it went to someone that cares,
  12. notduane


    Nov 24, 2000
    Gruff-dude: SPLAIN! :D Are you sayin' that burst has been sold? :eek:

    OR. That the "natch" at BNW went to a talented, helpful, courteous, smart, funny...? :rolleyes: :p
  13. the burst is pretty sweet, but the later, i am glad you have that nat. one at BNW. i like the natch ones because it reminds me of the bass player from DEVO, i would get a black one if i was into KISS but i liked DEVO more, they were more ground breaking in my view. take good care of it, not that i need to tell you, but i do need to tell you that if you want to go to funky town you will need to put a snile on your face. :D
  14. Flatwound

    Flatwound Supporting Member

    Sep 9, 2000
    San Diego
    That's pretty. Unfortunately, I don't have that kind of scratch laying around, at least not for a cool fretless Ripper, at this point.
  15. notduane


    Nov 24, 2000
    Ohhhh, O.K.

    Man. I gotta' lay off the surfin'...


    ...Now I gotta' go listen to "Black Cat Moan" off my Beck/Bogert/Appice vinyl :rolleyes: :p

    Me neither (not yet, anyways). I'd snag it and put T/I JF364's on her.
    It was tough decidin' twixt those and the Rotosound RS88-EL's currently on the natch.

    Tax return? ;)
  16. Beck/Bogert/Appice vinyl, wow man instead of BCM i would go with Lady, talk about Tim and Jeff fighting for the spotlight. Great album
  17. I use LaBella tape wounds on both my Carvin basses. I have an LB20F (4-string fretless) and an LB75 (5-string w/frets).
    I was using LaBella flatwounds, but I like the brightness and sustain, the feel and the quietness of the tapewounds. :cool:

    But this is only one mans' opinion. :rolleyes:


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