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    Nov 30, 2016
    Vilnius, Lithuania

    Apologies as I am new in here and yet to learn how to efficiently use the "search", but it seems I couldn't find an answer to my question.

    Recently I "obtained" a GAS for Dingwall basses. To be specific NG-2.
    Really love the tone it produces, as well I am a fan of Darkglass products, so that Tone Capsule inside is like a cherry on top.

    But now to the question. As far as I understand these fan fretted basses are not one scale.
    And I wonder if that causes any problems when choosing strings? Would I have to buy a long scale set and then use the thickest one and cut the others? Or does that mean that separate strings have to be bought? I am quite confused how it would work. Currently I use Jazz and Stingray with 34" scale, so never had to worry about anything else but thickness (playing 4 stringers in drop B).

    If my question is not clear enough, apologies, English is not my first language and I will try to explain again.

    Thanks in advance guys.
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    Oct 22, 2013
    There are strings made specifically for those basses. The manufacturer will have a list of sets that will fit.
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  3. Instead of using the search function within this forum (which is not very functional), try doing a general Google search by entering "talkbass followed by the subject matter".
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  4. K-2


    Nov 30, 2016
    Vilnius, Lithuania
    Thank you both for the comments.

    That is quite a bummer. Ordering strings from USA would make me out of pocket pretty quickly (shipping+Duty/Tax would make a pack of strings quite expensive). I guess I will have to Google for a dealer in Europe.

    Thanks again
  5. You can ask @HaphAsSard , who is quite knowledgeable on things like this.
  6. HaphAsSard


    Dec 1, 2013
    At first I got nothing, but Google is indeed my friend (and I do know one or two tricks to navigate the vastity of the cyberocean as it pertains to strings and Europe)...
    1a) First off, a couple Euro websites have multiscale-specific products available (Dingwall and Payson):
    Musik Produktiv
    Dingwall Bass Strings, Payson, Nickel, Stainless Steel , Groundwound:: For sale, UK, Eu, On offer, Basses Guitars Accessories at Bass Direct: Bass Guitar Strings -

    2) Then, a useful post by a more knowledgeable user than myself:
    Strings For My Fanned Fret Bass
    with the caveat that it only partially applies to your case. The post and the thread refer to an Ibanez model with a shorter overall scale...fanning (35.5" to 34"). However, if you're interested in a 4-string Dingwall tuned drop B like in your current setup, the 36.25" scale of the lowest string would allow you too, just as it does that Ibanez owner, to use commonly-available super-long/extra-long (or however companies choose to call them) sets by many companies, not just those which make fanned-fret specific sets or "very long scale" in La Bella's case. Here are some of the biggest Europe-based online string vendors:
    Gitarrensaiten - Plektrum - Kapodaster - Gitarrenzubehr - Saiten
    Lord of the Strings
    Online Guitar Strings and Accessories
    SAITEN im SAITENshop kaufen bei
    and of course the usual general-purpose stores:
    Welcome - Thomann International
    Bax Music | We support your stage
    Musik Produktiv Online-Shop - Buy music instruments online. (already linked to above)
    I've never checked or DV247 for strings, but there's them as well.

    1b) Speaking of La Bella, some UK online stores carry their products and should/might be able to order any type in very-long size for you:
    and the aforementioned
    LaBella strings
    This, in case you are after a 5-string Dingwall, in which case common super/extra long scale might not work (you need at the very least 37" + about 1" from ball-end anchoring to saddle, and not all super-longs would certainly clear the nut - check here which do and which don't, courtesy of the upthread-linked Bass Strings Online), and in case you're not satisfied with Dingwall-branded or Payson strings for whatever reason and wanna check out La Bella as well.

    3) Finally, Pyramid will probably make everything they do in whatever custom length you want:
    PYRAMID maximum performance strings - Sonderanfertigungen, Custom Shop, Custom Strings, Instrumentensaiten Bestellservice
    (Sending an email should suffice if you don't feel like using their German language order form).
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    Payson would get my vote.
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    Dec 1, 2013