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Strings for my Fender jazz bass

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by DerekPlaysBass, Jun 2, 2004.

  1. hey guys, this is my first post,.. porbably more to come.. I want a thicker,deeper sound on my Fender Jazz Bass then what i have now, i have about medium gauged strings and the guy at my local music stoe said not to put heavier ones on the FJB.. any reccommened strings? Again, i want a deeper, more popping type sound if you can follow that. Thanks.
  2. I own several Fender Jazz basses, (different years) I string them with Thomastik-Infeld Strings.

    I use JF344 Nickel Flatwound Roundcore Long Scale 34" 4 String .043 .056 .070 .100....(on a couple of my Jazzes.)

    I also use the EB344 Magnecore Roundwound Hexcore Long Scale 34" 4 String .047 .068 .080 .107. (on one Jazz)

    And, the JR345 Nickel Roundwound Roundcore Long Scale 34" 5 String .043 .051 .068 .089 .118 ( on my Sadowsky V5)

    Each set has a different tone, the JF are flatwounds with clean thump. Blues, Country, Motown sound!

    The Power Bass series are roundwounds, clean but not to bright. Great for funk, slap and Blue's.

    The JR are a combination kinda string almost smooth like the flats but brighter. Good for Pop Rck, slap, Jazz........

    String Price List & Ordering Info

  3. thanks alot for taking time out to type that...ill definitly check out those strings/ :D
  4. metron

    metron Supporting Member

    Sep 12, 2003
    I love DRs on my jazz bass. I like hi-beams the best tone wise but I found the lo-riders to be easiest to string on the bass due to the hex core not twisting as much as a round core. Everytime I try another brand I regret it and go back to DRs.