Strings for sale / trade !!!

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  1. rubo


    Aug 25, 2003
    I have the following strings for sale:

    1) DR Fat Beams - Stainless Steel (45,65,85,105) This one can fit up to 35" scale.

    2) Ken Smith Compressors - Nickel Iron Alloy (44,62,82,105) 34"

    3) Ernie Ball Slinky - Nickel plated (45,60,80,100) 34"

    4) GHS Boomers - Nickel Plated (45,65,80,100) 34"

    All strings are uncut and were tried out fro only ten minutes.

    Would prefer to sell everything to one buyer for $60 obo with free shipping.

    Email me at

    Paypal or Money Orders.

    Trades considered for Labella, Ti, SIT and others.

  2. I wouldn't mind trying out the Ken Smith Compressors - interested in a set of DR Black Beauties that came on a bass I just purchased? They do have some wear on them, so I could throw in some cash as well. I'm just not into coated strings...
  3. rubo


    Aug 25, 2003
    Tom, I tried DR Sunbeams and Fat Beams, so I'm looking for something else, flats as well.


    P.S. I like the Compressors, but I'm going to get their other guage set later on.