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Strings: Rotosound Swing, DR Hi-Beam

Discussion in 'For Sale: Parts, Strings, and Accessories' started by WovenGraphite, Nov 27, 2005.

  1. For sale, all prices in US Dollars, add shipping cost:

    * RotoSound Swing Bass 66 (RS 66LC): 40-60-75-95, new in box $15

    * DR Hi-Beam LR5-40: 40-60-80-100-120, new, sealed $20 ON HOLD

    * DR Hi-Beam LR-40: 40-60-80-100, new, sealed $15 ON HOLD
  2. K-Frog


    Feb 6, 2002
    Camden, AR, USA
    I'd like the lightly used set of DR strings.

    Pm'ed for more detail
  3. dcr

    dcr Supporting Member

    Dang it Kenny!

    Dibs if K-Frog changes his mind.

  4. K-Frog


    Feb 6, 2002
    Camden, AR, USA
    heh heh....

    Sorry Doug,
    I need $10 strings for my $100 5 string.
  5. dcr

    dcr Supporting Member

    Hey, I need $10 strings too! After I feed all five of mine, I can't afford anything else. :bawl:

  6. Updated listing (thanks K-Frog)
  7. Monday morning bump
  8. Cleaned for the sold item and reduced price... anyone?
  9. Really brand new strings! Still sealed! Anybody?
    Ok, I am including shipping (within the United States) in the price
  10. big evil robot

    big evil robot Supporting Member

    Feb 27, 2005
    Edmonton, AB, Canada
    I'll take those DR 4 string set
    whats shipping to canada?
  11. dcr

    dcr Supporting Member

    Will take the DR 5-string set.

    PM sent.

  12. PM sent
  13. pm and invoice sent
  14. dcr

    dcr Supporting Member

    PayPal on the LR5-40 sent.