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Strings that are too bright?

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by SalmonCubes, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. Ever had a set of roundwounds that were just way too bright sounding for you? I have. D'Addario Heavy Prosteels and Washburn lights.
    My E string sounded practically like a piano when I first played it after stringing up.
  2. That's what I go for. Maybe, you and steel rounds aren't meant to work together.
  3. Dean Markley Blue steels and GHS contact cores. I love them both, but neither is a good fit for my current project:(
  4. Floyd Eye

    Floyd Eye Banned

    Feb 21, 2010
    St. Louis
    The new Elixir strings. I don't know if they are brighter than the Blue Steels and Rotos or if they are just the wrong kind of bright, but I didn't care much for them.
  5. Jaco Taco

    Jaco Taco

    Jul 30, 2012
    There's no such thing as "too bright", those are just called "perfect steels". ;)