Strings with Silk at the Ball End

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    I remember Rotosound and GHS used to produce strings with silk at the ball end. After purchasing two new sets two weeks ago, it seems they are no longer doing this.
    Do you know of any manufacturer that makes roundwound strings like the one pictured? 41FnVqUkjPL._SL1000_.jpg
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  2. GHS Boomers used to have red silk at both ends. The current ones only have silk at the tuner end. In fact, most GHS strings still do have silk at the tuner end, but not at the ball end.
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    A good person to ask would be Jason who owns bassstringsonline. His forum name here is SLaPiNFuNK.
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  4. You can page him by tagging his name like this: @SLaPiNFuNK
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    The Brains:
    Lots are getting rid of manufacturing steps to cut costs... Changing packaging as well.

    Ken Smith still have silk at both ends.
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    Thank you for the input, everyone.
    It makes sense that manufacturers would be cutting costs by going this route.
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  7. Cost-cutting is one reason.
    Also, when there is silk at the ball end, the added thickness could cause installation issues with certain bridge designs, while the actual benefit is negligible.
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