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  1. Who makes the best strings???
  2. I'm going to say it before anyone else does. That is a very subjective question.. you cant say one company makes the BEST strings. Its all a matter of personal preference. Flatwound or roundwound? What style of playing? Deep or Bright? Its very subjective. I personally like D'Addario Slowounds for roundwounds, and Fender 3050ML's for Flatwounds. But others prefer Thomastik (never tried em), Ernie Ball, DRs (again, never tried em {my next string purchase is going to be DR. Lowriders}), My suggestion is to go out and buy some strings, I suggest D'Addario Slowounds to start, and just use trial and error to find your favorite strings! :D
  3. There are strictly mechanical aspects of choosing strings having to do with the way they fit.

    If I had to stack coils on my tuner shafts to prevent nut buzz, I wouldn't get strings that have that uneven winding under silk at the end. If I had weird tuner positioning, like 5-in-line on an extra long scale, I'd have to check length. For these two problems, DR strings are great.

    Fit on the other end can force choices. Once, I strung an old MMSR with a Roto 66 set and the ball end of one of the strings got stuck in the through-body ferrule. Had to find another string even though I liked the sound. And I had another problem, as I recall, the Linea-finished taperwounds used washers on the tiny ball ends and the washers didn't fit into the ferrules.

    Player fit also matters. If I had to play very long nights, I'd probably go for a soft string that still sounded balanced and fat and smooth, like the Thomastik nickel flats.

    And there are situational issues like louder strings for a noisy bass or weak pickups, plus optional issues like desire for reduced fret wear, desire for evenness of feel from string to string in a set, and so on.