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  1. mgmadian


    Feb 4, 2002
    Austin, TX
    All string sets are new in unopened packages, and prices include shipping to continental US (happy to ship elsewhere, just inquire first).

    * Lakland LCWS5 Stainless Rounds, 5-string (40-60-80-100-128)... $20

    * D'Addario PSS80 Stainless Steel Prism (50-70-85-105)... $17

    * D'Addario XLS570 Stainless Steel Rounds (50-70-85-105)... $17

    * GHS M6000 Bassics (44-63-84-106)... $11

    Paypal preferred, BidPay / MOs / Cashier's check / etc are OK, too. Feel free to PM/email with any Qs...

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