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Discussion in 'Strings [DB]' started by dragonetti11, Oct 17, 2002.

  1. dragonetti11


    Jun 20, 2002
    What strings would be best for someone who plays all classical and lots of solo? I'm looking for a string that sounds warm and full and most important is easy to play on. The strings on my bass now are obligatos and I dont know if it's the instrument or what but when I play you can hear ever sratch and squeek. Other basses I've played on just sound great and I'm not sure if its the strings or what.

    Also when they say an instrument is for a begginer or is not for a begginer ---whats the difference between the two. Do professionals like a bass and string that is easy to play?

  2. The so-called student instruments or strings are , IMHO, just another word for 'inexpensive'. (or cheap, if you prefer...)

    If you're mainly into arco, I think of a few brands, but:
    - do you want a clear or darker tone?
    - do you want low tension or high?

    Of course, Jargar strings come to mind. Very warm. They're available in three gauges; Dolce (which can be tuned at solo pitch), Medium and Forte.

    Pirastro Original Flexocor (or Original Flatchrome) also come to mind, and Kolstein Varicore Excels.
    Kolstein's are also available in solo-tuning, and so does Original Flatchromes.
    The Kolstein's have a strong octave harmonic which gives them more clarity than usual orchestral strings.
    The Original Flexocor have a bright top and very strong and warm bottom. (dark)

    Your best bet would probably be Jargar Mediums. (it's my suggestion)

  3. dragonetti11


    Jun 20, 2002
    I want a tone thats clear but not trebley-- so warm I guess.

    What are the corellis like?
    On my bass when I play valse miniature in G it sounds terrible but if I tune the strings up a little, not all the way, the peice really sings. has any one else had this expirience?
  4. They sound clear, and are considered a very good arco string. François Rabbath helped to develop the 370M series.
    They're available in tungsten wrap or nickel wrap.
    Tungsten's are thinner and clearer.
    Available in three gauges; M, F and TX.
    Orchestra and solo-tuning.
    I think you'd prefer them to Jargars if you want a clear tone.

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