Stripping.........and dissassembly MIM Jazz

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    Hey all
    I Picked up a good Fender Jazz MIM with a natural finish on a nice piece of wood grain. I want to convert it to a stained matte finish. I am starting with a good bass and plan to dissassemble the neck from the body and remove the electronics from the body.

    Once the body is by itself, I will strip the gloss finish and prep the bare wood for darker stain and matte breathable finish. Then reassemble.
    Im read-up on all of the stripping and refinishing. Are there any pointers or cautions for the electronics removal part of this procedure.

  2. Why strip it? Can't you do the staining between layers of nitro/PU? Saves you from a lot of work...
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    Keep a pad handy to note what is connected to what, measurements of pu height/string height, and the order of disassembly so you can retrace your steps putting it all back together. More info is better than not enough when you need it so even if it seems obvious - jot it down.

    I'm not certain that a matte finish is any more or less breathable than a gloss finish - it's just a different sheen and primarily a visual/tactile option.