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Stripping Metal Cabinets: advice needed

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by miko, Aug 25, 2003.

  1. ok, what started out as an innocent home improvement project has become the bane of my existence.

    i'm trying to restore these old stainless steel kitchen cabinets from the 1940s coz i think they'd look cool without the 700 layers of paint on them.

    i initially started out using zip strip, which is way too toxic and only good for the superficial paint layers. i upgraded to rock miracle, which is excellent, though a bit pricey.

    anyhow, i got 99% of the paint off, but i've got two probs:

    1) i need to remove [scrape off] the rest of the paint and don't know the best method.

    2) i left some of the stripper on too long on two of the cabinets and now they're -- i think the word is pitted. they're rusty and tarnished- looking in spots, like a cancer.

    someone suggested cleaning up the mess with steel wool, but that just will take too long. can i use an electric sander instead? if so, should i use a fine or course grit paper? i REALLY don't want to make this a labor intensive thing.

    secondly, i'm supposed to put silicone on the cabinets to prevent further pitting, but how do i do this? how many coats? do you have to sand in between coats? what brand works best for this job?

    i can't tell you how bummed this project has made me. i started out with lots of enthusiasm; now every time i walk in there i get depressed.the whole task feels very overwhelming.

    anyone with specific experience on this, please spill the beans. i can't take it anymore.

  2. OA torch.

    burn that paint right off and leave if if you know what your doing without burn marks.

    You could use a propane torch but DO NOT hold the heat on it long at all or you will discolour the metal.. Just go over the paint spots over and over until it starts to strip
  3. oh, btw do not blame me if something bad happens. I don't want to be on your bad list if it doesn't. Be careful.
  4. do you know what kind of metal it is? You could try using a wire wheel attachment for your electric drill or cordless drill.
  5. Yup, should take care of the rust too.

    You should have used one (or probably more the than one: they wear) for the whole job. Using toxic soluants (sp?) to remove complete layers of paint is really uhm... not smart.

    You'll get a stainless steel look when the metal is blank. Perfect for applying a new layer of paint, but don't forget to use primer.

    PS Don't use a hot gun on metal.