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Struggling... VT-Bass vs ToneHammer

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by stflbn, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. stflbn


    May 10, 2007
    I've searched but haven't really seen these two compared.

    Here's my current rig...
    Active 5-string -> NeoPak -> 1 or 2 Avatar b210's depending on gig. (one of my 5-strings has an Aguilar ODB-3 in it, other a stock Seymour Duncan 3-band that I'm ehhh on.)

    I'll be adding either the VT-bass or the ToneHammer to a small peddleboard consisting of EBS Multicomp, Digitech Bass Synth Wah, and Boss CEB-3.

    Most of the time I'm a clean sound fingerstyle player. Sometimes I need a bit of grit for character. Having option of warming things up when needed is always a plus. I never need full blown distortion or fuzz.

    I'm happy with the overall sound from the NeoPak and it's modern vibe, but would like to be able to easily warm it up a bit via stomping on one of these pedals. The nice D.I. on the ToneHammer would be an improvement over the Neo's already decent D.I.

    :: sigh ::

    Any wisdom on this comparison????

  2. id get the VT pedal, I actually am planning on trying it today. if you want to warm things up, the VT pedal can do that as well as add overdrive. Also, word around here is that the EQ section on the VT pedal is great. I think the DI on the NeoPak should be fine when compared to the DI on the tone hammer.
  3. I had the same dillemma on my hands and I decided to go with the VT, but it also sounds like we have opposite situations on our hands. I do think that the VT will probably work best for you. Good luck finding one, though. I've been waiting on mine for better than a month now.
  4. the perfect bass has them in stock
  5. stflbn


    May 10, 2007
    Talked with Perfectbass people... they feel that the ToneHammer is essentially a OBP-3 in a box, with the ability to add some dirt to it via the AGP switch. Where I have an OBP-3 in my main 5-string now it would be pretty much like PreAmping the same PreAmp.

    Which makes complete sense to me.

    They also feel that the VT-bass has more ability to warm up and add subtle grit where they didn't seem as high on the ToneHammer's warmth.

    Going with a VT-bass.

    Thanks for the guidance and thoughts.
  6. dannybuoy


    Aug 3, 2005
    Bass Merchant over here say it's lke an AG500 in a smaller box... but then again that means nothing to me, I've never heard any Aguilar gear!
  7. IMO what you describe is what the tone hammer does. You can get clean and extra grit when needed. Also DI and para mids cant go amiss
  8. lullbass

    lullbass All Bass All The Time.... Gold Supporting Member

    Jun 20, 2007
    SF bay area
    Dunlop/MXR Bass Products mngr - Artist Relations
    I just got my Tone Hammer today and it flat out KICKS ASS!
    Using my Alleva Copollo and bypassing the preamp it was pure tone heaven. I'm looking fwd to diggin into it and seeing how it records.
    So far so good.
  9. hahahah, but as of yet, NO ONE has actually compared the two together?
    I have the VTBass, its my favorite pedal.
    As far as i understand, the VTBass is all about warmth, as its a tube amp emulator. the ToneHammer is purely a preamp, no tube or speaker emulation. not to say you cant get a warm tone out of it, but id at least have to hear a clip b4 comparing it to the VTbass
  10. Meandmy74


    Jul 26, 2008
    Coincidentally, I just saw a thread that someone has put up with sounds clips of a tone hammer and that also ran a VT through it.


    That may help, though it's not a true a/b? And it didn't make me want to get rid of my VT. DosiYanarchy I think has posted some great clips of the VT too as I recall.
    I'm still waiting for someone to convince me not to replace my sadowsky outboard pre with a Linden eq to then pair with my VT...
  11. stflbn


    May 10, 2007
    In review... I ordered a VT-bass, but may end up ordering a ToneHammer also once they become more attainable. I'm sure they'll start showing up in the Classified here as soon as this months flavor starts fading... or ToneHammers may be next month's flavor with this months being VT-bass. Who knows.
  12. stflbn


    May 10, 2007
    Checking back in...

    It seems I managed to get the last VT-bass that PerfectBass had sitting around. They thought they were out, but one apparently was horded away somewhere. Either way, I got it.

    VT-bass promptly arrived yesterday as expected. Spent a few hours with it last night with my signal chain only being Bass > VT-bass > Presonus Firebox through headphones.

    I'm very impressed. It's capable of getting WAY dirtier nastier grittier distorted than I'll EVER need... but by that same token you have complete control of how much you add in. Seems very easy to adapt your sound between old, modern, etc once you get the hang of what tweaks what. Vast majority of what I do with it will be different tone styles with very slight grit added in.

    My only problem now is deciding what sound to keep it set for most of the time. I think I'll likely use it to produce an older tubey mellower sound when needed and just use my current modern basses through EBS MultiComp Tube setting for my basic punchy modern bass sound that I use about 75% of the time. But when I need an older sound I really need it, and struggle to get that with my NeoPak and modern sounding 5-string basses without switching to my modded P-bass which I don't lug around to most gigs.

    I could actually see how a person could use several of these set different ways if they didn't have time to tweak the knobs if a different distinct sound was needed.

    After spending time with it I do definitely see how the VT-bass has more overall tonal options and character then a ToneHammer would. It also seems to put out quite a bit of volume. I could really jack up my output via the VT-bass if I wanted to.

    I still think the ToneHammer is a viable option for a different tonal flavor, but the VT-bass is wildly usable as far as I'm concerned. No regrets on the purchase.

    Recommended purchase.

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