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STRUNAL! but which model? and how to get it?

Discussion in 'Basses [DB]' started by Infidelic83, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. Hello all! In my search for a quality bass,
    i found that Strunal has a very consistent and wonderful sound. Now Im faced with choosing the RIGHT model for me and my price range.
    ---Ebony trimmings
    ---back braces.....are they standard?
    ---spruce top, ply back and sides

    After researching the website I found that the "50" series are in my range, and for a bit more, I would love to get a "5" series. But its interesting that most of the "50" series are classified as "student" models, but they all seem to have ebony trimmings. And the "5" series are classified as "advanced" or "intermediate", being top carved and all. But the "5" series page only mentions ebony trimmings on the 5/35.
    That being said, I am looking for help as to better understanding of these different models, and the BEST way to order one. I'm not too sure on places like musicians friend and the like.
    Is there a specific distributer I should call? Can it ship to New Orleans? ANY help would be much appreciated, thanks TB


    Mar 4, 2008
    Larisa, Greece
    The Series 5 models feature a spruce top and laminated ribs and back. So we are looking ONLY for Series 5 models.
    All of them have ebony fingerboards, ebony tailpieces and separate tuning machines. All of them are roundbacks and they do not have back braces because a laminated back does not need any braces.
    The 5/21 and 5/27 are the best among them. They are well constructed instruments, with good ebony fingerboards and fittings. The Tineo laminate is more resonant than the quilted maple so i opted for the 5/27 model,which is my bass for gigs in uncontrollable environment (summer gigs by the sea, open malls etc). A real work horse!
    You'll need a good luthier to perform the necessary set up for any Strunal model, since the Strunal luthiers deliver them with only a basic one. Any competent luthier can make your bass sing!
    Please feel free to ask any questions, i'll be glad to help you.
    Some additional infos about the music you play could help me to give you some opinions about strings etc.
  3. Since you mentioned New Orleans, be sure to check out local bass shops and actually play instruments yourself, and have someone play them for you so you can hear their sound out front.

    A simple google search turned up this..


    and some offerings on the Louisiana Craigslist.

    What was your price range? If you have the resources, go for a carved top bass.
  4. Well there ya go! Thanks for replying folks!
    Longfinger; I visited Wally at "a bass place" Great shop! and Wally was extremely welcoming, I was abe to pay on just about every bass they had there, including a couple Christophers that were really nice. Of course it would be ideal to NOT have this shipped, So I've been playin on as many basses as I can get my hands on. Replaced my scab Palatino with a Klaus Meuller on craigslist, sounds similar to a 50/1 Strunal. Price range is low only able to afford 2,500 at most.... still raising fund tho!

    MIKMAN; Thanks for the Strunal info, I have access to a great Luthier here! Still trying to find the best way to order and ship it safely if thats what it comes to, i'd really like to be able to find one locally. I play in a acoustic 3 piece Folk-country-blues, we do 40's 50's style west texas blues! I do some slapping, but its very reserved. Our producer suggested 2 gut (d&g) and 2 steel (e&a). Been experimenting with different steels, medium helicores are up there on my list. Thanks for the info MIKMAN

    Keep 'em comin folks. I heard some mixed reviews about Strunal, So I'm open to any other suggestions.

    "You can only walk on one foot half the time" -Lester T Dethrow


    Mar 4, 2008
    Larisa, Greece
    The negative reviews probably refer to old Strunal models. During the last decade this company has changed the product line dramatically, producing decent instruments in affordable prices. I vivited the factory in Luby, the Czech Republic, and i am really impressed from the quality controll. You must keep in mind that they are factory basses, but really good factory basses.
    If your choice is a Strunal hybrid, then the Velver Garbo are the strings for this music style. They offer the volume and the sound of a gut tring ithout the usual problems attributed to guts. Strongly reccomenden for these basses.
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