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  1. I just purchased a new Strunal DB while here in Europe, does anyone have any information on this maker. It sounds great to me and that's all I know. I've played EB for 20 years and just wanted to expand to the DB. :bassist:
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    Hi Jazzcad, welcome to the DB forums. I've moved this from "Technique" to the "Basses" forum. Hopefully, you'll get some info about the manufacturer of these basses, but in the meantime, here's a search result showing all references to STRUNAL in this forum:

    Strunal Search Results
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    Welcome to the world of Double Bass.

    Here is a link to the Strunal website.

  4. Strunal is a respected maker of basses. They are well-made, and sound good, though a lot of people feel that the finishes have too much orange in them, and is too thick.

    Their top all-plywood model is about the equivalent of an Engelhardt ES-1, with a slightly lower price.

    Most people feel that one (50/4) to generally have a somewhat warmer tone than Engelhardts. Of course, if you got a dark Engelhardt and compared it to an especially bright Strunal, that might come out the other way around. Each bass is an individual. In general, though most people have claimed the Strunal to be a little darker in tone. (which may or may not be to any given person's liking)

    Strunal's higher end, hybrid and fully-carved models also have good reputations, but probably aren't exact equivalents to lower-end Christophers, which are on the high side of the same price range.

    If I hadn't finally talked myself into one of those fully-carved Bulgarian basses from, my last purchase would have been (and nearly WAS) a Strunal A520 from

    In fact, I already had one ordered from them, but there was a glitch in the shipping amount that gave me time to lean just a little and fall off the other side of the fence instead.
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