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Strunal Strings?

Discussion in 'Strings [DB]' started by Danko, Jun 9, 2005.

  1. Hello all,

    Anyone tried Strunal strings before? I went to a shop yesterday and they had
    a pack of these Czech strings with a very low price. They look like any
    other double bass steel strings (flats) in the package (as far as I could
    tell). I'd greatly appreciate any info.

  2. glivanos

    glivanos Supporting Member

    Jun 24, 2005
    Philadelphia Area
    My Strunal bass came with Strunal strings.

    They are marginal. I'm still playing them (its been 3 months now). They sound like Spirocore Weichs but with a slightly thinner sound and growl. They are terrible for bowing. Very, very scratchy.

    I will be replacing them with Spirocre Weichs soon, but I'll keep the used Strunals in my bass bag for back-up in case one of my strings break.

    Just wondering, what is the cost of these strings new in $US?
  3. glivanos

    glivanos Supporting Member

    Jun 24, 2005
    Philadelphia Area
    Just an update.

    I replaced my stock Strunal strings that came with my Strunal bass with a set of Pirastro Flex Chromesteels (thanks Andy) and it completely changed the sound of my instrument.

    They sound a little like Spirocore Weichs but on steriods. Arco sound improved also.

    So if you can afford better strings, don't buy the Strunals.

    I bought mine slightly used on this site for a little more than what you said new Strunals cost.

    Good Luck

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