Strunals for College Students?

Discussion in 'Basses [DB]' started by DrDelicious, Sep 30, 2004.

  1. DrDelicious


    Apr 18, 2004
    I'm interested in a Strunal 5/20. Would this be a good instruemnt for use at the college level in both jazz and orchestral music? I'm on a budget, but I'd really like to upgrade from my Chinese laminate. How much of a tonal step-up will a hybrid be from a full-laminate? Thank you.
  2. prelims222


    Sep 20, 2004
    Southeast US
    This depends what you are hoping to do in the future, and where you are.

    Some schools have decent carved/hybrid basses you can borrow : it may be smarter to bide your time until you can afford a fully carved instrument.

    A lot of lower-end instruments suffer from the problem of also being poorly set-up . Set-up makes life miserable when it isn't so good. A nice set-up makes a cheap bass a lot nicer to play, and usualyl much nicer sounding.
  3. Eric_J

    Eric_J Supporting Member

    Dec 21, 2002
    Flower Mound, TX. USA
    You may want to check out an Eberle at

    The carved one is a reasonable price. My teacher says mine would get a music major through college.

    It's playable as delivered from Ideal. We've upgraded the strings and adjusted the sound post and will install an adjustable bridge in 3 to 6 months, after the bass settles in.
  4. Humberto

    Humberto Supporting Member

    I've owned a strunal 5/35 hybrid and a strunal 5/6 carved.

    I think the tone that strunal delivers, for the money, is hard to beat. I get a really sweet, phat tone, with obligatos on the carved bass.

    I think if you shop around you can find a 5/35 in the $1500. range plus set-up.
    Good luck.