Strymon OB.1 Compressor

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by bluefizz, Jul 23, 2017.

  1. bluefizz


    Aug 8, 2008
    Los Angeles
    MTD USA, Bartolini Electronics
    Does anyone use the bass version of the Strymon OB.1 Compressor? I traded in an old wireless pedal and pack for it that I never used. Was wonder what other users think of it.

    For me, the boost on flat is pretty clean, but I can't seem to get that "compressed" sounds out of it.
  2. monsterthompson

    monsterthompson The Eighth Note Wonder Of The World Supporting Member

    Nov 25, 2008
  3. bluefizz


    Aug 8, 2008
    Los Angeles
    MTD USA, Bartolini Electronics
    It's great for moderate settings, which i would keep it for. And the boost is super clean like he said. But for that over the top compression, I'll probably get another comp.
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  4. monsterthompson

    monsterthompson The Eighth Note Wonder Of The World Supporting Member

    Nov 25, 2008
    I ended up selling/listing my super squishy comps. I just listed my Horizon, which is pretty nice, and goes far beyond what I need it to do. I snagged a Duncan SB and it gets as squishy as I need. The blended and moderate settings really allow it to be a nice shaping tool. If I played more, in more varied settings, I might keep both. Realistically, the Duncan checks the boxes for my moderate comp needs. The Strymon stuff always catches my eye/ear, and I had been looking at that one. There isn't much chatter about it on TB, but that doesn't mean it isn't worthwhile. It's good to see some user feedback.
  5. seedokebass


    Mar 21, 2009
    I just tried the non bass version today at a nearby store, MIM Fender Jazz into an Aguilar rig (TH350 and DB410).

    It's very mild even at extreme settings. I didn't think it sounded bad, though I didn't have the amp cranked too loud. It felt good like it wasn't squashing too much, and I'm guessing at rehearsal/gig volumes it probably feels pretty good. The boost on flat seemed to fill it out even more without having to bring the overall volume up.

    I'm very interested in trying the bass mod version, because I liked what I've heard so far.
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  6. ramirez


    Jan 26, 2018
    I found a bass version for a good price in the local ads. It sounds quite nice. It is really subtle though, so I guess it’s not really versatile. I’m still testing it against my empress, which sounds good but it’s way too complex for what I need it for which is a little fatness and sustain. I wonder what other fellow bass players feel about the ob1 but the internet has remained oblivious of this one.
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  7. Peltor


    Sep 15, 2019
    I have finally gotten the chance to test out my ob1 together with a newly bought HX Stomp (bye, bye to my other pedals, apart from a Sadowsky DI).

    What can I say? It does not colour the sound as much as a Cali76 would, but it really does its job by giving the signal a "good start" at the beginning of a signal chain. Sitting at home with a cheap neutral monitor headset it is obvious that it does what it is supposed to do. Settings at 12'o clock is more than enough in a signal chain of 2-3-4 (or whatever) effects to give a little boost and clarity. The effect is really noticeable on reverb/delay effects. Turn it off and the signal suddenly goes dull and cold. On its own directly into an amp it will not make that much of a difference to the ear, but it will propably bring the sound somewhat more to the front, but not much.

    The boost switch is a very nice feature on this little handy box. If you want a little colouration of the sound, turn it on and the signal goes a tiny bit warmer, but the compression level stays the same. I guess in a live setting that boost option could be used if you use several basses with different output, push the button and you are good to go if you go from a hotter signal to a colder one (or vice versa).

    There are 3 settings: treble, mid and flat (that is a bass boost on the modded bass version). This is a good thing if you also plan to use it for guitar, as I can easily see myself using this one with another setting if I plan to record some guitar as well.

    Turn this thing up to max and it will still not squash the signal like most other compressors do. But in my world that is a bonus, as I like the suttle compression this little guy give me. It is clearly best at the start of a signal chain, and that is exactly how I will use it.
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  8. TheLopp


    Dec 30, 2013
    I just read that Strymon is discontinuing the OB-1 due to difficulties finding parts. And I read that this was the first Strymon pedal in the line up.
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  9. Really subtle, clean, but won't even come near "squashy". I tried one, as I have other Strymon units, and wanted to like it. I just had to pass, though.

    Maybe as a front of chain, always on comp., it could really excel, but not for me.
  10. ramirez


    Jan 26, 2018
    Same for me. I ended up selling it and going for a Diamond Jr.
  11. scubaduba

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    Dec 23, 2003
  12. ramirez


    Jan 26, 2018
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  13. lefty1979

    lefty1979 Supporting Member

    Mar 30, 2008
    DFW, texas
    It's not designed to be a "Squishy" compressor. It's a clean, almost transparent, very subtle compressor. It's never going to sound like a dyna comp. I loved mine, but didn't need it. Might grab another one while I can though. If subtle, transparent compression what you want, it's the best thing out there. If you're looking for a compressor as an effect, not the one for you. I convinced a buddy to try it for his live board (acoustic duo/looping setup) and he says it's never coming off the board.
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