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    yes that’s right only $299 shipped CONUS

    The Strymon Timeline! OMG!

    Can we for a minute just stop talking about the obvious care Strymon has put into interesting takes on traditional delay sounds and discuss how the “ice” setting gets you laid? I’m serious I am a pear-shaped 50-year-old loser and continue to pull quality young babes from all kinds of gigs with this setting. VERY tweak-able, I do all kinds of different gigs and the setting can be snuck into an amazing variety of songs and genres you would never imagine it would fit into. Just fade it in for a second or two with an EXP pedal or stomp it on and off, the adjustable trailing effect with tap tempo is very tasteful.

    you GOTTA make eye-contact though, then the bass face for when you bring the effect in , then eye contact again right after so they know it’s you who made that sound.

    It was always mounted in a pedalboard and has NEVER been stepped on. All the functions were accessed through a DMC-4, a SA dual EXP pedal and a 3-button T1M pedal. So the Timeline has NEVER been stepped on. I highly recommend getting some kind of auxiliary control for this awesome pedal, cause you can much easier access all the looping functions, loop editing, tap tempo, change programs, etc. Something like the DMC-4, 6 or 8 and an exp pedal are indispensable for this thing, it really opens up the control

    The Lo-Fi, Vibrato, Filter, and other more non-traditional settings w/tap tempo are incredible and you will find yourself using this pedal on all kinds of stuff.

    There are much more compelling and informative discussions and clips of this pedal than I am capable of presenting. If you look like Krusty the Clown you WILL hit an intellectual ceiling it's like Hoffmans law, you cannot avoid it. I have already accepted this. What I’m saying is don’t take my word for it there is a ton of info out there on this pedal (for the 1% of you that have been living under a freakin rock for the past few years)

    there is no original box, manual or adapter for this

    there are two strips of a thin layer of spongy foam residue on the back. It does not flake off. The close up of the back ins and outs shows how thin the layer is.

    I am the original owner. When I got it I set up like 15 or 20 sounds and basically let it sit there on the pedalboard. . But the other day when i was examining it I saw these silver marks on one of the the knobs. I have no idea how it got there. It looks like silver paint or something, maybe from the factory? I don’t know. I tried to get a photo of this, in full disclosure and everything. But there is nothing wrong with my unit.

    Photo on 11-17-16 at 8.01 PM.jpg

    Photo on 11-17-16 at 8.03 PM.jpg

    Photo on 11-17-16 at 8.05 PM.jpg Photo on 11-17-16 at 8.04 PM.jpg Photo on 11-17-16 at 8.14 PM.jpg
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    Fro 20

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    aaaaand sold in about 8 minutes