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    Apr 11, 2006
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    We went to see Stu last night at Nighttown for a solo performance by him. Honestly, I wasn't sure how that would be for an evening's worth of time to fill on his part. Stu did a super show, with a travelogue/history of Stu, along with some lessons on sliding harmonics and notes and other great stuff.

    It was an easy load in for him as all it was was one bass, a cable, and his Hartke rig (HA5500 naked, and a 210XL and 410XL, plus a headstock tuner. He did not need anything else to get his message across. :cool:

    If he's coming around to your neck of the woods make sure you go see his show. :bassist:
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  2. I saw him at a bass clinic last year promoting his album. There were about 6 people there that did not have many questions. He went through all the etudes off the album. He's a beast and does so many different techniques. Definitely fun to watch
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    Saw him years and years ago ( the late 80's I'm pretty sure ) with Satch. My jaw was on the floor pretty much the entire time. I'd love to check him out now for sure.
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    Sep 16, 2008
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    Saw him in Buffalo on the 8th. Great show. Met him after when he bummed a smoke from my dad. He then gave my dad one of his Cds for my dad's birthday. He signed out tickets too. Great guy. We had asked him about the lack of compressors since some of his harmonic stuff fell flat but Stu insisted he did it the way he did for the challenge.
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    Saw him in Charleston, WV on the 16th. Going to see him in Atlanta with his band on the 30th...

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  6. Jeff Scott

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    I saw Stu last December with this version of his band:

    And the following night with this band (minus Corey Glover), at the same venue:

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