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Stu Hamn SHB60 Bass question

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by kevbassman, Feb 16, 2014.

  1. Hi Gang, I recently purchased (for a great deal) a Washburn Stu Hamn SHB60 bass.........and the controls go, volume, blend, tone, piezo..........and the iring to me is way off......this is what I sent to Washburn......

    Hi, I recently purchased a Stu Hamn SHB60.....for the most part I like the bass, but several factors I don't .......the EQ makes no sense to me...it is suppose to be volume, blend, tone, piezo.......so when the blend control is full right or left, the other pick-up should not be on (w/ piezio off). Also the back cavity cover was on so tight (I was replacing stock batteries) that I nicked the inner wood up removing it for one of the holes...........I have two other Stu Basses the SHB30 & 40 & never had this problem. I also need a Allen wrench for the bass, or the size (bass & bridge). Any new basses I get I set them up immediately, and replace battery's if active EQ. Thx. I really think this bass is wired wrong.

    Has anyone else has this problem? I still own the passive SHB30, and that set-up is great.........volume(neck pu), volume (bridge pu) , treble, bass.....or vice versa..........and it makes sense, especially being passive.
    I really feel like taking the active EQ out. Thoughts, suggestions?
    thanks in advance!
  2. ByMoora


    Feb 11, 2017
    I have the SHB60 and I do not have any problems with. . . But I kn sometimes some little set up but is a great bass. . . I have the SHB3 Natural Matte and is a great bass 3 piece Maple Neck, feel like butter, Body looks great with wood grain, EMG Soup bar pick up nice definition sound , J-Pick up nice jazz classic sound with a original EMG sound, piezo as nice smooth sound with good variation went use treble/bass . . . But for my surprise after a year just with a few practices at home cause always is on the case and Stu Hamm he signed my bass so I keep on the case. . . Now need some just like the neck cause the string is little higher have some false contacts went I use the treble/bass make some graund and the bass don't some like the beginning, sound so low. . . That's make me frustrated but is not a big deal I can't fix it with maybe $80 on GC and is not the first one. . . The Good wood is more sensitive but after a good set up you can use forever and maybe has some wire lose but this basses are good