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  1. Lupin


    Feb 9, 2002
    What model of wahwah, Stu Zender has used on lives with Jamiroquai ??? :confused:

  2. Lupin


    Feb 9, 2002
    Mutron III+ ???? :confused:
  3. Doeas anyone know what he uses to get all of the effects he uses? I have 3 choices:I can get an envelope filter, but I dunno which ones best(and cheapest), I can get a BOSS Synth Bass pedal, which I played and it was mediocre(what do you think), or I could go big and get a BOSS GT 6B, I dunno how good these are either,I know there's a thread on it already but that's about preamp. So gimme your comments, because Stuart is my bass god, he in my eyes is one of the best players ever, I mean he WAS jamiroquai. Oh no rambling on...See ya laterz. Laura
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    Sep 4, 2000
    Cologne, Germany'97.html

    Maybe there's more info there, I didn't read all of it.
  5. I was looking at that but there is other info in different interviews.
  6. I know in the early days of Jamiroquai (93` - 95`), he was using a Boss ME6B as I do. The wah on it is down as Dynamic Filter, and I can get most of those sounds to a T.
  7. During the early days of Jamiroquai(93` - 95`), he was using a Boss ME6B multi effects as I do.
    If you love those sounds he got on some of those tunes Just Another Story, Stu`s Tune,Hooked Up etc ,the setting on the ME6B `Dynamic Filter`in the
    synth bass section is where it`s at. I had an ME8B, and trust me, for wah the ME6B is FAR superior esp if you combine with a little distortion.