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stuck, random questions

Discussion in 'Luthier's Corner' started by nobuhiko takada, Aug 21, 2004.

  1. nobuhiko takada

    nobuhiko takada

    Jul 1, 2004
    ok we have started the 2nd and 3rd after completing the prototype.. how do you guys glue a face top peice of wood to the body and make it look so good... what kind of glue do you use for that? also how would i go about getting the curvature on the edges of the body... thanks guys
  2. My apologies in advance if this sounds abrasive but how did you build the prototype without doing any of the processes or creating the features you mentioned above?? That's what "prototypes" are for - to learn the design and it's possible problem areas. If rounded edges and a laminated face weren't on your prototype, then it didn't represent the rest of the production run and didn't help you in the least. It's just an observation but you may want to consider why building a proto is important to you and if it really fits your style of production.

    As for gluing a lamination - the same glue used to assemble the body pieces works for thicker laminates. This can be the Titebond/Probond types of wood glues or polyurethane if your so inclined. I've recently begun using a house brand glue from JoeWoodworker that was designed for cold press lamination. It dries to a hard film so that thin laminates won't shift after assembly. It has ground pecan shells in it and and works great as a general purpose glue. It's also less expensive than other wood glues but performs better. Go to www.joewoodworker.com for the stuff.

    Rounded edges are achieved with a bearing guided roundover bit used in a router. The radius is a personal choice - depends on the look you're going after. Belly and forearm contours can be done with a drum sander, a handheld disc grinder/sander, or belt sander. You could also use rasps and files to get these contours.

    How about showing us a pic of your prototype? That would help with understanding the nature of your work.
  3. nobuhiko takada

    nobuhiko takada

    Jul 1, 2004
    i will post a pic asoon as i figure out how to.. and the proto was not a finish type of thing... we went into this with no skill at all... we dont even know how to use the tools we bought... so we wanted to try cutting a body... so i plan on goin back to that one to round the edges before messing with # 2 and 3... thank you for the info...

    i figure by #10 or so i might start seeing some
    decent peices... i hope