Studio Devil Virtual Bass Amp Pro presets request

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  1. Hello all,

    As a beginner I bought the Studio Devil Virtual Bass Amp Pro software to act as an amp to use on the PC and headphones. To bother the family a bit less. :smug:

    :help: I wonder if anyone that uses this software may share some presets they have created on it to change the tone a bit. This would speed up the learning curve a bit on the different settings available on an amp.

    Cheers, Happy New Year,
  2. I haven't created anything that I have saved yet but it does ship with over a dozen presets that are all very good... have you been able to load them?

    If you look in my signature lines there is a link that will play all the presets that come with VBA-PRO.
  3. I've had no luck finding anything.

    I contacted them through the website and they asked what host I was using. So did some more digging. The Studio Devil Live thing is not installed on my PC, and I've been unable to make the plugin work on audacity(but am a n00b here).

    I can use VBA Pro standalone as a amp stack, and can only load one preset at a time. I do not have those presets, however, anywhere that I can see.

    Thank you.
  4. Well then I would say audacity doesn't handle the plug in properly. I also have trouble with RIFFWORKS. If I use Studio Devil VBA-Pro in either GarageBand or MainStage, both of those applications show the presets that come built-in. However, Riffworks will not show them and it doesn't allow me any access for that matter to the preset library to either load or save. They acknowledge it's a problem on their end and have said they will fix it on next update. Try something beside Audacity and see what happens.
  5. I don't use Audacity so I can't help there but check to see if Audacity is properly pointing to your audio plug in folder.. Sorry, but I also don't use PC so I'm not sure exactly where that would be.
  6. Thanks. Trying it out on Cakewalk and CuBase to see, these are just overly complicated for my needs.
  7. Well, small step taken. Was able to get the plugin to appear on Cubase. So I exported the presets and can now import them in the stand alone amp. This is basically what I wanted to do from the beginning. So success, now I can change the tone when practicing.

    I am still light years away from actually recording something, so I have time to get the devices setup for that.

    For now I can practice through my PC/Headphones and play with tone as if I had a real amp stack at home. So much fun. And I don't bother the wife and kids. Everybody wins.

    Thank you.
  8. Cool! I have tried a few different software plugins for emulating a tube bass rig and Studio Devil is the best of the bunch to my ear. Have fun with it!
  9. I got this response from Studio Devil via facebook... it should help you save those presets that come with VBA-Pro so you can use them in audacity or some other DAW that doesn't list the built in presets...