Studio video of a demo track we got to record for free

Discussion in 'Recordings [BG]' started by DwaynieAD, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. hope someone enjoys.
  2. The bass doesn't really cut through at all, eh? It was nonexistent on my listening setup at least.
  3. it's there on decent listening setups, but definitely not the best. its noticeable when the bass isn't playing.

    I pointed out that it was a demo track that we recorded for free for a purpose.

    the long and short of it is it was a students project for his recording school. 4 hours to setup record and tear down. 4 hours to mix.
  4. Yeah, I gotcha man. My band was recently brought in for a student's portfolio as well but we haven't gotten the results back yet and nobody did any kind of video recording.
  5. we video record all the time. this entire ordeal was more of a pain then that finished product is worth, but i like the video we made out of it. so at least that's something
  6. The raw tracks we got sounded awesome, man. The studio was like intensely professional, though. Can't wait to get the mixed and mastered version.