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    Time to clean out the closet.

    4 spc. SKB rack(the deep one). Its seen the road, but works. $35.

    Furman PL-8 rack power conditioner (the one w/the light bars), in excellent condition. $75.

    Sabine RT700 rack tuner in excellent condition. $100.

    I'll sell the rack w/the tuner and the Furman together for $175.

    Ernie Ball Volume pedal. Great shape, comes w/velcroed bottom for quick mounting on pedal board. $50.

    SKB pedal board. This is the one w/the 3spc. rack attached. It is in fair condition, but it needs an AC cord to power it(I used the Furman). Could be gotten from SKB. $50.

    Rocktron 2 channel Hush pedal. Good condition, works great. $50.

    I also have an Acme B-2 that has one blown woofer. The other woofer is brand new, and the cabinet is in good condition. It is a 4 ohm Series II. A new woofer from Andy is $50. I would like to trade this for a 4 ohm B-1, or I will sell as is for $250.

    Prices do not included shipping, and I am open to trade offers.
    PayPal is prefered payment, but USPS M.O. could work as well. Sorry for the long post, and thanks for looking.
    PEACE!!!!!, Johno!

    [email protected]
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    PM sent.....:)
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    PM sent your way.