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Stuffing, Dressing, Filling: what's your recipe

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by DwaynieAD, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. I call it stuffing, even tho I prefer it not in the turkey or chicken. my recipe is very simple and I'm constantly asked to make it for any kind of get together.

    melt a quarter stick of real butter in frying pan
    chop some onion and some celery put in frying pan and cook until onions start to go clear

    meanwhile in a mixing bowl add your cubed bread, I prefer to hand cube potato bread, but you can buy pre-cubed when you're feeling lazy

    beat an egg and pour over the cubed bread, add some chicken broth and pour over the butter, celery, and onion mix from the frying pan

    toss until it is well coated. melt more butter in the frying pan and return the mixture from the bowl to the frying pan. add more chicken broth and salt & pepper. stir regularly so it doesnt burn to the bottom of the pan. cook until most of the liquid is absorbed, should be fried outside but still moist and tender inside

  2. Now I'm hungry.
  3. you're welcome
  4. Dressing is probably my favorite food of all time. My mom makes killer dressing, both cornbread and regular, but I usually don't feel like messing with it... but I have been known to eat a box of stove top for dinner...
  5. yeah i enjoy stovetop too. its not too hateful. heinz makes really good jar gravy to go with it too..

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