stupid av cable question.....

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  1. to make it short and sweet, I'm sick of going back and forth to press a button on an av cable selector which all my av appliances are connected to. are there av splitter sets or is there a way to pull the selector part out of my av port?
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    You could probably just wire them all into one wire so that they fuse together... Is that what you are after?
  3. yea, prettymuch just i don't know how to do it. I've got the selector, and I mean, it's great you can pick one at a time, but frankly i'd rather just sit back and turn something on all by itself with a remote.
  4. Are you talking about changing the inputs on the TV as well as on the receiver when switching components?

    If so, I think your best bet would to be to buy one of Logitech's Harmony remote controls. I bought a 670 a while ago and it's well worth the money. After it's programed all I have to do is press one button and it will do all the switching for you. For instance, I'm watching something on cable. I press the "watch a movie" button and it turns off the cable box, switches the TV to the correct input, turns on the receiver with the correct input and then turn on the DVD player. All that with the press of one button and BTW. All my other five remotes are under the coffee table. Only on a rare occasion do I need to use them.
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    Ok, so the picture above is how I understand that the selector switch works. You have to press a button and it will allow a certain AV cable to send a signal to the TV, blocking out the others.

    You don't want this, right? Because of the hassle of having to get up and change your selection every time you want to change the AV input. Is that right?


    So now in this picture it shows that if you remove the selection process (ie, the switch) and solder/tape all the wires onto the set that goes to the TV then you no longer have to use the selection box to change between AV channels. The box should then act as an AV "hub". Similar to a USB hub that you can buy for computers.

    There are a few problems with this method though. You would probably have to have all other appliances turned OFF while you are using one that is connected this way. Otherwise you will get interference from the others, causing bad picture and sound quality.

    Also, you will have to make sure that you join all the red wires to the red wire that goes into the TV, all the white to the white that goes into the TV and all the yellow to the yellow that goes into the TV. If you don't do this properly the set-up won't work properly.

    I think this should work... Can anyone think of any reason why it wouldn't?

    Oh and I agree with the person who posted above about the remote. If you do this and then buy one of these "Universal remotes" then you only need one remote for all of your appliances, which is super handy.
  6. This just sounds like ultimate laziness to me haha

    Think about how lucky we are to even have av selector switches so that we can plug so many AV's into one TV Input.

    Just get up to switch them, is it that bad?
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    There's a bunch of options on ebay for very little money. I did a search on "source selector remote". I saw lots of composite, component, S-video and HDMI switchers.

    In a similar vein, I just picked up an HDMI switcher with remote. 3 in, 1 out. I have a TV with one HDMI input and added two with this device for around $20 delivered. Works great.

    OT: I stopped by a couple of chain stores yesterday looking for HDMI cables and was pretty surprised to see that they were selling 1080P upconversion DVD players for less than some of their cheapest HDMI cables. Ridiculous. I went on ebay and bought two 10' and three 6' cables for $24.

    Shop around.
  8. lol ultimate? I get up to adjust the wii sensor bar somewhat often lol.......and i'm trying to figure out how to configure the thing so when i hit the bottum of the screen (just got a new big screen and getting used to it) it doesn't involve me bumping into my legs with the remote.

    I just hate the idea that i can have a dvd already in the player, and the only thing keeping me from simply pressing the power button on the remote to turn it on is the fact i have to get up and push that darn button!